Best top 10 video Editor Apps for Android and IOS

TopBest Top 10 Video Editor Apps for Android and IOS 

Hi guys this is azhar, hope you all are doing well in your life, today in this post I’m going to share with you all the best and free video editing apps for your daily video editing needs. Hope this post helps you in finding best video editing app for your needs.

Similar to purchasing a phone we all must try and watch review videos on YouTube regarding that perticular phone available in the market, likewise we gathered some best free video editing apps for you before deciding on one. It’s acceptable if you adore a certain characteristic while your neighbour has an entirely different taste. It is not possible to provide a single right response.
Try using a few different programmes and apps if you’re not sure which video effects will work best for you.

Are you trying to find free apps that let you edit movies on your iPhone or Android device? Our feature-rich apps include all the features you require. We’ve chosen these 10 video editing programmes by hand.

These are the best video editing software to get you started. You can view all of the most popular applications of 2024 right here.

The Greatest iPhone and Android Apps for Editing Videos.

Magisto: All-around Best Video Editing App
Making eye-catching videos can be done in just three simple steps with Magisto, the best app for video editing. The first step is to choose your editing style, followed by photos or video clips, and finally music.

InShot: Video Editing App
Operating Systems Supported: accessible on both iOS and Android

This top video editing programme is helpful for users who need basic apps with capabilities like trimming, speeding up, adding filters, or music. Beginners will find that InShot’s user-friendly capabilities save time when compared to advanced video editing.

Filmora Wondershare
Operating System Supported:- Compatible with Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android

Wondershare Filmora is the best app for editing videos, regardless of user experience level. Making a visually appealing video simply requires a few minutes when using the program’s “Easy Mode.” It also provides a large number of features.

WeVideo: The Greatest Android Video Editing App Compatible OS:- Compatible with Chrome, iOS, and Android

WeVideo is a free editing programme that offers loads of amazing features and capabilities. The cloud-based utility is available in both a paid and a free edition, however the free plan has some restrictions.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Operating Systems: Compatible with iOS and Android

It is among the top iOS and Android apps for editing videos. The popularity of Adobe Premiere Rush is undeniable! With the powerful mobile video editor, you may edit multiple videos and images directly from your tablet or smartphone.

Supported Operating System: iOS

Splice is an amazing iPhone video editing tool that lets you make a moving collage. You have the ability to alter and shorten videos in addition to changing the duration of scene transitions.

is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

PicPlayPost can be used to create video collages. However, avoid having the music or sound effects from both videos play at the same time to avoid conflicts.

Quik App
Supported Operating Systems: iOS & Android

It’s among the greatest free video editing apps available for iPhone and Android. With Quik, you can edit, trim, and apply transitions or filters to videos from your mobile device to make visually appealing videos. Additionally, you have the option to manually edit your clips if you’d want greater control over the process.

Supported Operating Systems: Available for iOS and Android

Another free video editing app for iPhone and Android is called KineMaster. The user-friendly interface of KineMaster allows for the editing and enhancement of video footage with sound, text, effects, and filters. Apart from allowing you to record your own audio, the KineMaster Asset Store provides a variety of sound effects and music files.

Video Shop
Operating Systems: Compatible with iOS and Android

Videoshop is a great editing programme if you are constantly on the go. You may add text, animated transitions, music effects, filters, and more. Both experts and novices will find it helpful.

supported operating system: iOS

For shooting and recording moments horizontally, this is the greatest app for editing videos. It is not important where you place your device to capture horizontal movies.

supported operating systems include iOS and Android.

VivaVideo is one of the most widely used editing tools, and it’s not just for social networking platforms. The user interface is simple to use and makes it easy to create visually appealing films and GIFs.

Operating Systems: Compatible with iOS and Android

It can be used to produce eye-catching presentations, images, sound effects, and video clips. It also lets viewers annotate videos to interact with them and find answers to any queries they may have.

supported operating systems: iOS

As its name implies, this well-liked editing tool is exclusive to iOS users. The tool’s UI is easy to use and straightforward, and it is available for free. This programme is ideal for those who are just beginning to learn how to edit videos.

Operating System Supported: iOS

Instagram released an app called Hyperlapse that allows users to create time-lapse videos. This app’s amazing stabilisation technology allows you to generate beautiful time-lapse recordings without the need for a tripod.

Special effects, music, and other benefits
The most watched videos on YouTube are those with expertly designed backgrounds, titles, and visuals. In video editing software, you can need to purchase additional effects and music, or you might need to purchase pricey plug-ins.

If you purchase video editing software without effects and music, your videos could turn rather boring.

Adds in Video Editing Apps.
Venture capital firms are considering creating apps similar to Magisto in order to profit from this tactic. Apps have the ability to promote other brands or services or show adverts. Through sophisticated user behaviour analysis and information tracking, these in-app advertisements directly target the prospective clientele.


This are the above mentioned video editing apps are good and easily acsessbale applications right now in google play store. Hope this post hepls you in finding the correct app for your daily video editing needs.