Love 02

Love 02

Today, I’ll discuss “Flowers Falling Love Status Video” if you’re interested in editing this sort of film with your favourite photos, simply read the post and follow the directions step by step to edit the video.

I used the kinemaster application for this modification. The greatest video editing app is Kinemaster pro. Clean and simple interface; basic editing is very simple. Editing various types of amazing videos using your imagination.

Video trimming, voice altering, reverse video, colour correction, filters, blending, chromakey, cropping, clip graphics, animations, stickers, effects, transitions, layers, rotate & mirroring, key animation, and many other amazing capabilities are all accessible. Edit mini movies, short films, youtube videos, instagram reels, whatsapp status, lyrical videos, battle sequences, Double role videos, vlogs & games, and more with these apps.

Open the Kinemaster app. Create a new project with a 16:9 aspect ratio, then tap on image assets, choose a black solid colour image, and increase the layer time to 12 or 30 seconds. Next, go to the blending select screen and alter that picture left side of the video and select slide right animation by clicking the layer and tapping the media to select your downloading tiger image.

Then repeat the process to upload your choice photo (without the background) and alter the right side of the movie, as well as select slide left animation. Then, using the three dots, select duplicate, alter another image, and reduce the layer to 49%.

After that, go to stickers and download the light garland sticker pack, then choose one sticker and modify the video’s top. Next, create a text layer and type your name in your preferred font and colour. After that, go to blending select screen and add particles effect video, adjusting the fit to screen. Using the same method to choose lyrical video. That’s it, your editing is finished. Next, click the export icon and choose a video resolution and frame rate, then save as a video.