How To Add Music To Kinemaster

Hi guys Today we are going to learn how to add any personal music to kinemaster, As we all know that Kinemater is one of the best video editor app for android and IOS, It has all the tools which are needed to edit videos like text layers, video layers, effects, animations, blur effects, fonts and so many options that helps you to take your video to high edge, If you don’t have latest version of kinemaster then you can download it from the below download Link.

Kinemaster is a full featured app with that you can do so many tasks in editing but today i’m going to teach you how to add music to kinemaster, You might be know Many video creators around the world using kinemaster to edit on the go, like YouTube content creators, Tiktok video makers and also Instagram IG TV video creators ETC.

Formats that kinemaster supports:

Kinemaster supports all most all the audio formats like MP4, MOV, BMP, WAV, ACC, M4A  and finally mp3  and etc.

From Where Can I Find copyright free Music Files:

If you want to edit videos for personal and family purpose then you can use any song you want, but if you want to monetize your videos through platforms like youtube then you must use free copyright music’s otherwise you might get copyright on you video creation.

Youtube Creators Studio:

Youtube Creators studio is platform from where you can get free copyright free music’s for your youtube videos, you can monetize this music for free but you must give music credits to author in the every video in which you’re using there music,

NCS music:

NCS is a organization that’s provides free music for the creators, Creators can also monetize there videos on youtube.


You can also find awesome copy right music files from this source, You can find bunchy folders all folders have there creators if you want to use there music in your videos then you must give credit to the respective artist and every artist have there own guidelines so you must follow those guide lines if you’re welling to use them.

So this are some well known free copyRight free music providers, so know lets move to the process of adding music to your video using kinemaster.

How To Add Music to KineMaster

I’m assuming that you have downloaded the latest version of kinemaster, if haven’t download yet, You can download it from the link provided above.

Now you’re ready to add music,

Open the kinemaster and load your video that you want to add music to it,

Then click on “Audio” button which is located on the circle  panel to the right.

Then select the music you want and click on the “+” icon

then conform it by checking from the top right corner.


How To Add Music To Kinemaster
How To Add Music To Kinemaster
How To Add Music To Kinemaster
How To Add Music To Kinemaster

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