How to Make Car Animation intro in Kinemaster

How to Make Car Animation intro in Kinemaster

Do you require a captivating introduction for your videos, similar to those of the top YouTubers? An Android app called KineMaster allows you to quickly create such a resource.


Full HD Resolution


Simple to Edit

no additional plugins

Simple to Customize

Free video instruction is accessible

Let’s go into this post and examine the video editor’s potential.
You definitely need a fresh file with a pertinent background to begin the process. You can obtain it from a variety of sources, such as your camera roll or by downloading a free image from the internet. As long as the end result is punchy, using a video background is also an option.

When you do, select “Media” and import the file into the programme. While films can be cut and manipulated, photographs can be stretched for as many frames as you choose.

The main hub you must learn to add and edit items in your introduction is the “Layers” tab. With media, effects, text, handwriting, and overlay, it has everything you could possibly need. After adding the text, you can adjust the colour, add artistic flourishes, make it move with motion effects, and much more.

We can’t guide you through this phase because it involves a completely creative process that aids in realising your vision. Try new things and allow your lovely mind some freedom!
Your audience requires a catchy jingle to go with the graphics in addition to the many elements, fonts, and wild animations in the application and the materials accessible in the built-in KineMaster store.

Using KineMaster can help in all situations, whether you opt to use the intro on one or all of your movies, or switch it up occasionally. The animation can be duplicated to create a new project, added to or taken away from, and had its music changed. The same procedures apply for constructing outros to correctly


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