Top 10 Best Camera Apps for Android in 2021

Top 10 Best Camera Apps for Android in 2021

Hi guys are you looking for the Best camera apps for your android if yes then you landed on correct page because  we did a very comprehensive research on best camera apps for android  and now we would like to share with you all this best camera apps and also i will give all those best camera apps download links just after some basic info about them, All you need to do is choose your best suitable app for you from this below 10 best camera apps.

Now a days cameras are much better then five years back in mobiles phone industry the reason is people more liking to take pictures and filming there videos, so companies take advantages of it by enhancing there performances by adding features that people are looking for.

Here are top 10 Best camera apps for android!

A Better Camera App:

This better camera app has all the tools that are needed to have a best camera app, It has HDR support for images, panorama for up to 360 degree and other various modes like a night mode and multi video shooting mods and of course all needed videos recording virtual tools. It has so many awesome features like background removal tool and other useful tolls that enhance your picture quality. And if you still want use its extra features you need to buy primum version for that, i don’t think you need to buy premium because its already has enough features to shoot video professional level.

Camera MX App:

Camera MX app is also good app for recording videos, It has more than 80,000+ Downloads on google play store, This app has all latest updates developers keep it updating so you don’t need to worry about updates. This app has so many features for shooting modes. you can also take pictures and shoot videos and also even make GIF images .This app also has all basic photo editor that helps to edit your photo and can upload directly to the social medias that you are will to upload.


Filmic Pro Camera App:

This is one of the best pro camera app in our list, it is bit expansive to purchase, that is $15 USD, It has some best unique features that will helps you to make your videos and pictures to the best possible eidge. that includes full manual controls that allows to make video more detailed. it has best dual slider for best possible ways to capture all angles and focus, color controls and RGB color controls, in this best camera app list this is one of the best app for recording and capturing images.

Google Camera App:

Google camera app is official camera app of google, you can easily find this app in all google based mobile phones, It has bunchy set of tools that are used in filming videos like color adjustments, exposure, blur, hue, and many more. it also has slow motion video recording option which is very trendy now a days, You can make short videos for Instagram face book and twitter with this slow motion effect. the only downside of this app is you can only download this app if you’re having 7.1.1 android version running devises and above after that, this is best free camera app for you, if you think this is good for you then i must suggest you to download it right now because google is a trusted company and it will keep updating there services with best possible level.

Open Camera App:

This open camera app is one of the best and most popular camera app for photographer and video graphics as well, this is a complete open source app you don’t need to pay any thing for any premium tools for using them. It has all manual camera controls that allow you to make video and picture quality top level, it also include timer before capturing videos and photos, supports internal and external microphones and you can connect your external microphone to record audio, The one thing i like most about this app is it is completely ads free which is best plus point because you don’t see any unusual ads while using this app, This app is best option for video and photographers, If you feel this app is really and and you’re willing to help developers then you can donate money from this option to donate otherwise your completely free to use.

ProCam X Camera App:

ProCam X is one of the trendy camera app for shooting videos professionals it has all the tools to make video to next edge because this camera app come with all professional tools like 4k video recording and hue adjustments etc, This app is designed for professional video recording only not for the social media platforms like Instagram and facebook twitter etc, This app can do its job very decent, it has all manual controls and camera modes like scene and focus modes, we put this app in this list because it has all options to make your videos best quality.

Simple Camera App:

The name of this camera app describes that this a simple camera app that comes with decent features to make your pictures perfect, it come with some limited most used tools, This app is for those who don’t have much knowledge about video and photography skills, it has limited most used features, it has very simple user interface and you can take pictures with front and rare cameras and can edit with its basic editor, i wouldn’t like to recommend you to go for google camera app instead of this camera app.


Adobe LightRoom Camera App :

This app is basically a photo editor app not a camera app but it comes with in-built camera which has so many awesome features that your looking for like HDR and RAW support in it, it also has so many modes and presets. and also it has good manual camera controls to make your picture quality more batter, As i sead earlier light room is a photo editing app but you still can use it for capturing high quality images that helps you to use in your post video production, Adobe also has launched new app called adobe photoshop camera in this year with all awesome new features like including new powerful filters, auto tuning and deferent portrait modes that’s allow you to take pictures in deffirent multiple modes and much more.

Inbuilt Stock Camera App:

Every phones has its own inbuilt stock camera app, And you should try all sorts of tricks to get best possible results in picture quality, But in some cases this app couldn’t helps to get good fare quality of pictures in that cases this third party camera app helps you to get best results, This all Apps has all best features that can definitely satisfy your picture capturing needs like focusing on particular objects that you want, This all above apps can give you best results if you use this apps along side by your stock camera app.



We did full comprehensive research on this all apps that’s helps you in shooting best quality videos in a lowest rate all over, I hope you have found your app with this post and if you think we did something helpful for you in any way then please don’t forget to like share and subscribe to our youTube channel on youtube.

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