Top 10 Best Sites to Download Any Movie Subtitles for Free

Hi there hope you are doing good, Are you looking for the  best sites to download your movie subtitles , if yes then you landed on the correct page.

We did a very comprehensive research on best subtitles downloading sites for you and come up with this top 10 sites to download your movie subtitles for free. Basically subtitles helps in understanding new language. they are perfect to learn any language while watching movies.

If you aren’t using any movie streaming sites like Netflix and any other OTT platform’s then you must need subtitles for proper understanding of language, for that you have to download your target language subtitles, There is so many sites that allow you to download subtitles but the downside is some times they may not work in your movie watching app because of bad quality, we provide you here the best movie subtitles downloading sites with Link  just below some basic info about particular site. As usual it is our duty to provide you with best sites that you can use without any problems.

Open Subtitles

Open Subtitles is one of biggest platform for downloading subtitles, It has more than 5 million+ subtitles in 60 different languages. Elmedia player in macbook has integrated support which allow users to watch movies without having to download subtitles manually. You can also have a chance to upload your language subtitles and also can make request to upload any particular movie subtitles, and also can participate in forum. It has very simple user interface that helps in getting full info about particular movie that you’re looking for. It has easy interface with search option to search any movie subtitle with using series or movie title or can go to there dedicated page for more info. This site also has not only subtitles for movies but also have subtitles of TV series with over 60,000+ different serees.


The name of this site itself defines that this site is for movies addicts to download any movie subtitles for free, This site is also same like the above open subtitles. It also allow to download both for movie as well as for TV shows like open subtitles. All you need to do is just sing in with your g-mail to be able to download subtitles. After signed in, you can use search option to find your favorite movie subtitles, or you can scroll down to find the latest releases.

This site also schedule for upcoming new releases of your favorite Shows to stay tuned ( With all relevant links for download subtitles).  It also have forums to ask questions you want and offers FAQ to know more about this site. This offers tutorial videos to learn how to use the downloaded subtitles from this site. It also support in multiple languages same like open subtitles from Arabic to french.

YIFY Subtitles

This is well know site for downloading any movie subtitles you want. It has very easy to use interface with all needed option just like open subtitles. This site is fully piracy free site, This site wont let anybody to put you of in any piracy groups. YIFY Subtitles are safe and piracy free, This site only offers movie subtitles to download.

This site also let you to download in multiple languages. The front user interface offers a list of most downloaded and recently added movies, along with separate categories language movies to make easy in finding movies Subtitles.

If you want to find any specific movie, The search option is available at the Top, With auto suggestion tool to help you in finding your search. This site has separate page for every dedicated movie which gives full information about movie like release date, movie length and movie ratings with supported available subtitles listed. this site is fully free even you don’t need to registration needed to use.

DIVX Subtitles

This site is best for you if you’re looking for the early 2000s released movies. This site is for downloading old movie subtitles. This site is working science from 2002. It has all the options that helps in finding any old movie subtitles like search option and different categories along with relies dates. This site also offers non-English movie subtitles as well. You can search the movie by keywords, Language and format. If you want any latest subtitles via the category sections.

If you’re looking for non-English movie subtitles then this site is best for you  if you’re looking download any foreign language or you’d like to learn other language by watching movies.


This site is working from since around 2006, It has offering in multiple languages, The user interface is very simple and easy to use, with search option on the top right side, and the most downloaded movies are listed at the top of the page. It allow users to upload own subtitles with just sing up is needed. This site offer subtitles for both movie and TV Shows and popular music videos as well.

If you’re facing any problem with this site you can ask for help community forums, This site has hundreds of discussions that help you in solving you’re problems. and also it has tutorial videos as well that helps in using subtitles. Each movie has its own individual page that gives full detailed information about the particular movie like release date ratings and comments shown underneath.


Podnapisi is also one of the best site for downloading movie subtitles on internet. It has every day update along with ratings from usre’s to help you in know the quality of subtitles that you’re downloading. It has advanced search engine that help you in finding movie subtitles that your looking for. with keywords, Year, movie type and several other categories. It also has subtitles for TV shows and old movies. This site is one of the best site for download subtitles, all you need to do is just search the subtitles that you want.


TV is another best site to download subtitles . this site has very clean and user friendly interface. In this site has categorized into two different categories. that are movies and TV shows, It helps in finding subtitles that you’re looking for. It site also allow users to upload own subtitles files they like to share with public.

This Site has very easy inter face that helps to understand, it has very clear interface with not much nonsense stuff like ads and other useless information. You can download any movie subtitles by just searching movie title release date, genre. This site providing its free services from 2015, and indexed a total 68,200 movies has indexed.


VLC is technically not a website, But vlc is one of the most widely used software on pc with no ads like any website tend to be. You can use VLC to download subtitles straight into whatever movie subtitles that you’re looking for. All you have do is just simple click on View option on the top of the window, then choose VLsub and then you can search any movie subtitle that you’re looking for.

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