How to Make Neon lights Animation intro in Kinemaster

How to Make Neon lights Animation intro in Kinemaster

Hey guys welcome to my free video stuff. Today here we will learn how to make neon light effect logo reveal animation intro in kinemaster.

We are giving you this free intro template for kinemaster users for free.

If you are one from those who are looking to make ek brand new professional animation intro for YouTube channel or any other your personal business purposes.

Then you are at the correct place because in our channel technical stuff we are specialised in creating awesome professional animation templates for kinemaster users for free.

We are providing you a brand new 2 intro template along with that tutorial video if you need any help. All you have to do is just follow all the instructions which we have shown in our instructed embedded video.

In this neon light logo reveal animation intro template we are providing you all the graphics which are needed to create this animation intro along with sound effects and video footage in MP4 format.

You might have doubt can I use this template for my YouTube channel, the answer is yes you can create your own professional neon lights intro for YouTube channel.

In return all you have to do is just give the legal credits in your every video description wherever you use our intro.

We only create animation intro templates with creative commons attribution which means you can use it anywhere like YouTube and other monitoring platforms as well without worrying about corporate claims.

this awesome neon lights animation intro template is designed for only kinemaster video editor users, because this type of graphic interest can only be possible in after effects premiere pro and Sony Vegas like high and video editing softwares but we made it possible for you kinemaster users.


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