Top 10 Websites To Download Free Stock Videos for Your YouTube Channel

Top 10 Websites To Download Free Stock Videos for Your YouTube Channel

Top 10 Sites to Download Free Stock Videos for Your Video Creation

Hi guys welcome back to My free Video Stuff hope you all are doing good so today in this post ill tell you top 10 best stock free video downloading sites so that you can download any video and images for free. We all know that video creation is not a easy task this days because we have to use multiple video footages in our video to make it more understandable and more professional. so we need stock footage but for the beginners paying for stock footage is not a good idea. i did a very comprehensive research to find the best 10 free stock footage providing websites for you so lets get started.


Top 10 Best Free Stock Footage Providing Wesites

1 Pixabay
we choose this top in our list because it has more then 1.3 million free stock images and videos with creative commen license that means you can use it any where you want even in your youtube videos without giving any credits to the website or creator. You can use filters to search any footage you want like it has many different categorys like nature animals planet space people and so many. All you have to do is just use this filter to narrow down and find the best sootede for your need. It has a huge collection of different Stock videos and photos.


2 pexels
Pexels is also one of the well known website for free stock videos download. Pexels hase huge collection of all most all categores of free stock footage. This website is also know for its high quality free images and Videos. It has very user friendly interface that allow to use and download any video just in few minutes. There all collections also creative commen attribution that you can use it for personal and commercial purpos as well. you don’t need to gave any credit when you use it.


3 VideVo
Videvo is platform where you can download any video or image you want and also can post or share your creations if you want. It allow you to share your work and attract customers to your website where you can charge for your work. This website also provide motion graphics along with the free stock footage and images, what i love about this website is it hase a huge community where you can request help, most of the time you get help from its communety thats life saving. It also provide creative commen and licenced videos, for more info check the download page befor download.
This website askes you to give video credit, You have to give credit whenever you use there videos or images in your projects.


4 Lifes of videos
Lifes of vides is basically a advertising company founded by Leeroy who wanted to give his huge collection of photos and stock videos. This adverting company based out of canada. The aim of this website is to provide free stock footage and images for free. you can use its all videos and images for all your personal and commercial use without giving any credit but one thing is limited in this website that is you can only download 10 videos per day.
To download its videos all you have to do is just scroll down you will get download button just click on it. You can check out every week for a new collection of videos.


5  SplitShire
Splitshire is crated by Daniel Nanesscu who is a web developer, the aim of creating this website is give his all huge collection of stock videos and photos for free. You can use it for your personal and commercial projects as well, Daniel don’t ask you for any credit.
In this website you will get all kind of high resolution nature people beautiful drone shorts and drone cenimatic shorts. To download this all videos all you need to do is just scroll down for download button thats it. You can use its free stock footage in your personal and commercial projects for free but cant sell his videos in any other website by modifing and clamming it as yours.
what one thing very good about this website is all images and videos are created by only one person which is really great.


6 Videezy
Videezy is also one best source for you for the best high quality photos and videos for your video creation project. It provides you royalty free videos and images for your projects but they ask you to credit to there website whenever you use them in any of your projects. If you don’t want to give credit to the website the you can buy its licensed to use it without giving any credit.
This website give you huge collection of different type of videos you want. You can download videos any in resolution like if you want to download it in 1080 or 4K or any other resolution as well. Also if you want any premium videos you can download that too but you have to pay some amount for that.


7 Stock Footage 4 Free
Stock footage 4 free is also a very good website where you can download huge collections of free stock videos and images for free. This website is very consistent in uploading there new collections they update it daily. All you need to do for download its free videos and images is just login with your email id then you are allowed to explore all its categories and download it what fits for your need.
The images and videos in this website are copy right free which means you can use it for your all kind of projects including for youtube as well. In this website you will see all the categories are well organized that help you to find your perfect footage in very less time. This website mainly provoide Construction natural energy people animals mansions and wealth and much more, i saggest go and explore it once if your looking for a high quality free footages.


8 VidsPlay
VidsPlay is also one of the best source for you to get free stock footages and images that you want. Vidsplay consistently updating its video library with new Stuff, You can consider it download free stock videos this website is also don’t ask for credit, i would say before using you must check its policy to use because sometimes policy may change time to time, Its a good habit to make sure from your side too before using in your commercial projects.
To download any video clip all you have to do is just simply scroll down you will get a download button and if you browsing the website with your mobile then just click on the video and hold for few seconds you will get a option to save it in your mobile. VideoBlocks
This is a website where you can get all type of drone shots B roll clips of different atmospheres and many other type of videos. The user interface is very good and very easy to navigate. To axis and download its footage and imgaes you have to become its member to enjoy all the videos and images. If you want to trail before become member you can trail for 7 days free but you can only able to download 5 Stock videos only. It has very easy to navigate interface that helps you to narrow down to search for better search results.


This are the best free stock videos and images providing websites for your personal and commercial projects, Hope this post helpful for you. If  you  i did something that help you then don’t forget like share and comment below if you have any problems regarding this. Thank you for beeing here.

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